Didsbury Engineering

For over 75 years, Didsbury Engineering has been delivering high-quality products to civil aviation sectors, rescue organisations, and industrial markets worldwide. Didsbury is collaborating across groups to develop and continue supporting companies and organisations globally to develop innovative equipment with the end-user firmly in mind.

Didsbury Engineering has extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of precision handling solutions and is a world-leading supplier of equipment used for working in confined spaces. These two specific spheres of expertise established over many years have enabled Didsbury Engineering to consistently meet a huge array of challenges across a broad range of industries. Didsbury Engineering is a world leader in aircraft tooling for the removal and installation of components often situated in inaccessible spaces such as landing gears, APUs, actuators and engines and is specified by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Fokker, Dassault, and Sukhoi.

Didsbury Engineering also supplies world-class ground support equipment directly to aviation companies and organisations globally, developed using our in-house design team with the sole aim of developing products that are more effective, safer and value for money. Didsbury Engineering has the experience and specialist expertise to design and manufacture the right solution for you, ensuring your valuable equipment and more importantly, your people are not put at risk.